• 要旨
  • 日本経済の見通しは?
  • 中期的な成長を持続させる鍵は何か?
  • 金融政策は如何して回復を支えるのか?
  • 財政問題を解決するには何をすべきか?
  • どのような改革が医療制度を改善するために必要か?
  • 日本はどのように気候変動の課題に対処すべきか?

OECD Economic Servey of Japan September 2009 (パワポのPDF形式資料)

  1. Economic Servey of Japan
  2. Major topics in the 2009 OECD Economic Survey of Japan
  3. Japan has experienced its worst recession of the post-war era in the wake of the global financial crisis
  4. The impact of the crisis on OECD countries
  5. Wages are falling rapidly
  6. Japan is back in deflation, which has negative consequences for growth
  7. Fiscal stimulus in major countries(% of GDP)
  8. Policies in the financial sector to sustain credit flows and stabilize markets
  9. “Green shoots appeared in the second quarter of 2009”
  10. Short-term economic projections
  11. Is it time for an exit strategy?
  12. Deflation has a number of negative effects on economic growth (as seen over the past 15 years) by:
  13. The deteriorating fiscal situation in Japan
  14. Gross debt is the highest ever recorded in the OECD
  15. Public investment in Japan is still relatively high
  16. Wages and employment have increased faster in the private and public sectors
  17. Tax revenue in OECD countries
  18. Objectives of tax reform
  19. Explaining differences in income
  20. Health-care spending as a share of GDP is relatively
  21. Challenges facing Japan’s health-care system
  22. Japan is ageing very rapidly
  23. International comparison of health-care services in 2006
  24. The average length of stay in acute-care hospitals in Japan is exceptionally long
  25. The number of consultations with physicians is exceptionally high
  26. To containing the growth of health-care spending
  27. Delays in the introduction of new drugs in 2004
  28. To enhance the quality of health care
  29. Overview of the Kyoto and mid-term emission targets in Japan
  30. CO2emissions per capita have risen relatively rapidly in Japan
  31. CO2 emissions from energy use by sector in Japan
  32. Major topics in the 2009 OECD Economic Survey of Japan

Economic Survey of Japan 2009

  • Contents
  • Chapter 1. Overcoming the global crisis: the need for a new growth model
  • Chapter 2. Financial stability: overcoming the crisis and improving the efficiency of the banking sector
  • Chapter 3. The fiscal policy response to the crisis and achieving fiscal sustainability
  • Chapter 4. Health-care reform in Japan: controlling costs, improving quality and ensuring equity
  • Chapter 5. Improving the policy framework in Japan to address climate change